At CAG Canada strategy is not just planning. We help business to maximize resource utilization, and empower every segment of your business to articulate your business strategy. 

CAG Canada brings in 18+ years of experience across industry sectors, building lasting capabilities into teams and help businesses to adapt for change. We offer creative solutions that helped companies across several geographies to execute winning strategies and increase value creation.

We work collaboratively with your business, so you can:


  • Make judgments on where to focus and how to succeed by developing business strategy that takes business function to its full potential. 


  • Accomplish steady growth, and develop repeatable corporate strategy model that produces sustainable value, and cater successful growth to emerging markets. 
Continuous Improvement

At CAG Canada we focus on solutions that yield immediate impact to extensive transformation programs that redefine the way work gets done. Also, enhance functions within business to achieve new performance levels. 

CAG Canada will help you grow earnings and outperform the competition: 

Operations Solutions: Expert guidance for re-engineering supply-chain to manufacturing operations. 

CAG Canada also provide specialist solutions for marine vessel operational cost optimization, innovative data driven digital solutions for vessel preventive maintenance to drive down cost and improve revenue savings. 

Financial Transformation: Eliminate unproductive spending, and redirect business savings to investments that enhance business growth. We can help your need to accelerate a transformation to quickly achieve cash, capital or revenue benefits. We can help you tackle complexity so that you can dedicate more focus to customer needs.

Business Support: We help businesses to raise the bar of internal support functions, from a focus on improving efficiency to adding value and embracing technology. Transform finance, IT, HR and other functions in to valuable business partners that work together to provide a competitive advantage. If some of these services are, or should be, centralized as shared functions, CAG Canada can help you maximize the efficiency and quality of work. CAG Canada can also assist you in cases where it makes more sense to partner with third parties, CAG Canada can guide you on choosing and working with the best partners that compliments with your sourcing needs and serves your business growth. 


Re-engineer your business processes to do what you do better, faster and smarter. CAG Canada helps you transform your operations by taking an all rounded approach that bonds operations to strategy, and focus on generating opportunities that create great value in business. Our experts at CAG Canada helps you develop and implement end-to-end plans to achieve your full business vision. CAG Canada can work with you to:

Optimize your manufacturing operations: By developing clear strategy, value is boosted and waste is removed throughout the manufacturing process. CAG Canada aligns leadership objectives and develop well-trained workforce with strong objectives. Using Lean Six Sigma, networks and standards are developed that support and enable company’s strategies. Efficiencies are enhanced in environment of high uncertainty, costs reduced, quality improved, cycle time is shortened and productivity is enhanced – Giving rise to “the factory of the future.”

Embrace digital technology:  CAG Canada helps customers harness the power of Mobile, Social channels, Analytics and Cloud to innovate and grow business. Our technology experts help solve problems, remove constraints and maximize technology adaption to catalyze business growth. Partnership with CAG Canada brings you a truly holistic approach in digital technology transformation. 

Supply chain optimization: Designing a close-fitting relation with corporate strategy and enhancing capabilities you can respond to fluctuating market demands and deliver right product in the right way as per customer requirement.